Airdrop Alternatives for Android

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AirDrop is pretty much awesome application available for MAC devices that allows their users to share the files across the MAC devices easily without having file sharing knowledge. All you need to do is to drop the file in Airdrop icon and that specific will be easily shared to the that MAC users.

We are living now in modern era where we are enjoying our multimedia life with the gadgets and different smartphones and modern devices. Sharing different kind of files between mobile and gadgets is our daily work.Using superb and top file transfer applications can save most of our time and if you have good number of friends then file sharing through smartphones will be your daily routine. Most of the smartphones and different modern devices brought up with bluetooth function that allows you to share different kind of files through the smartphones. But if you are sharing large  and multiple files then best and time-saving apps must need to be installed on your smart phone.


If you are iPhone users then you might be utilizing this superb application but if you are android users, what will you do? Because this application is only available for iPhone users. Wait, Wait !! We have collected some of the top and best applications for android devices that performs the function similar to that of AirDrop. Below are the top and best AirDrop alternatives for android devices:

Airdrop Alternatives for Android

Bluetooth File Transfer

It is one of the best and free file sharing app that is available for free to download for android users. Using FTP and OPP function, you will able to explore the files of any other bluetooth ready device through your android device. It also allows you to share contacts and receive files.


If you are Dropbox users then you must be aware of this file sharing storing and sharing application. Once you have installed it on your computer and shared your files on Dropbox then you can access all those files from any any part of world from anywhere through using this application. It contains all in one features which are not present in other file sharing apps.

Google Docs

It is considered as official file sharing application for android smartphones and other devices.Using this application you will be able to create,edit, upload and share all of your data with the help of Google Docs application. This application is pretty much useful for android users to store their data also.

I hope you liked the AirDrop alternatives for android devices. Which file sharing application you are using on your android smartphones, let us know your views through comments.


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