According to survey, iOS beats Android in smartphone sales

survey, iOS beats Android
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:59 pm

There is always a battle between the sales of Android devices and iOS devices. Though, there are many other operating systems as well but iOS and Android are the most famous ones. According to some recent reports, sales of Android smartphones have declined in U.S. Due to this reason; iOS is enjoying a high sale ratio in the U.S market at the moment. During the third quarter that ended in October this year, iOS devices have been dominating the smartphone market in U.S.

survey, iOS beats Android
survey, iOS beats Android

The survey that was conducted in USA found that almost 48.1 percent of devices in U.S run on iOS which means that there is an increase of 25.7 percent in the use of these devices as compared to previous quarter of the same year. On the other hand, sales of Android smartphones have declined by 16.6 percent and now, Android is used by 46.7 smartphone users in U.S. Since April 2012, Android has been dominating the smartphone market in U.S and all over the world and this is for the first time that iOS has beaten the sales record set by Google’s mobile OS after April.

However, another survey that was also carried out in U.S market shows some different figures. According to that survey, 53.6 percent of market share is owned by Android smartphones by the end of third quarter which is 1.4 percent increase from previous quarter. Apple too showed some growth but only 0.9 percent as they stand on 34.3 percent market share at the moment. The surveys have been conducted by taking interviews by users. The later survey doesn’t count October in the readings but the first survey also counts the smartphone sales of October in the readings as well.

It is really important to take month of October under notice because iPhone 5 was launched in September but it sales actually took off in the month of October. The main reason why Apple has shown a sudden increase in sales of its devices is because of iPhone 5.

According to a research analyst at one of the firms, “Our research shows that the majority of Apple’s sales, 62 percent, came from existing Apple owners upgrading to the new device. Additionally, of the smartphones sold by AT&T during this period, iOS accounted for two out of every three.”

Not only that Apple has regained the market share by launching their new device aka iPhone 5 but AT&T has also become the most selling carrier in U.S as well. They stand at number position right now by selling 34.7 percent of the smartphones in entire U.S market. On second position, we have got Verizon with 27.5 percent market share. Sprint occupies 19.9 percent of market share and stand at number three whereas T-Mobile holds 8.4 percent of smartphone users in USA right now.

“It’s not surprising to see the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S benefiting from the release of the iPhone 5,” an expert added. “At AT&T, 38.3 percent of feature phone customers who changed device in the last three months, changed to an iPhone, a figure higher compared to Android at 11.9 percent. So while the iPhone 5 has seen movement amongst current Apple users, there is also now greater availability for first time smartphone buyers to join the Apple user base.”

Which OS do you prefer? Are you “team iOS” or “team Android”? Share your thoughts with us in comments section.

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