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  • 7 Tips To Stop iOS7 From Sucking Battery

    tips to stop iOS7 from sucking battery

    iOS 7 is best for sure but its proving itself as biggest battery sucker for apple devices ever. Before its release apple claimed it as battery saver but after the release iPhone users found it too dangerous for battery life. Its just compatible with iPhone 5s because of its official internal optimization for iOS 7. […] More

  • iOS7 Jailbreak, Is That Really Available?

    iOS7 jailbreak

    iOS7 Jailbreak, one of the hottest topics on the web right now. Almost every iOS7 users is now thinking about a jailbreak to take complete control over their apple devices running iOS7. iOS7 jailbreak is also one of the controversial topics right now. Some unknown people are claiming that a jailbreak solution for iOS7 is […] More

  • iOS 7 Available From Today, Everything you need to know about it

    iOS 7

    Apple iOS 7 is coming up today for download, which is considered as the mobile operating software for devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and this operating software will bring something extra to the new look of Apple mobile devices. This new operating system will support the iPhone 4 and later devices, iPad 2 and […] More