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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Features & Specs

    Samsung Note Series is compliment to Samsung Galaxy S series. With the huge success of Galaxy Note 2, Samsung is now planning another big footstep to take in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Customers have given a positive response to Note 2, now their expectations are also increased with the upcoming announced Note […] More

  • Oppo N3 Review

    Gone are the days when RAM, processor and storage capacity were the only parameters for selecting the best smartphone. The software’s used in recent times are efficient enough to run all the devices without any major concerns. Apple comes with innovative design and OS. Samsung’s Note Series attracts customers with styluses. As far as “Oppo’s […] More

  • Sony Smartwatch 3 : A Dream come True

    Sony has been known for its amazing products which have made it into the market over time. These include mobiles, televisions, LCDs and even smartwatches. Sony Smartwatch 3 is one of those products which caused quite a stir with its launch. It is a relatively new product and has many features which stand out. Its most […] More

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

    These must be the words of the Samsung CEO as he gave orders to build it’s new device, The “Samsung Galaxy Note Edge”. We won’t say that the curve is the new flat, although it is better than the flat. Ever since early 2013, we’ve seen the Korean techno giants release better and curved products […] More