7 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Web Sites: Your Free Source of Photos

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We change our ways of expression on Facebook day by day, now you can express yourself with a big banner behind your profile picture called a ‘Facebook Timeline Cover’. Are you looking for a fast and easy way to put up an attractive cover photo on your new Facebook timeline? Or if you don’t have a time to design your own cover photo then these cover photos websites are the answer.

7 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Web Sites
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7 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Web Sites

Facebook timeline designs give you a big source for a photo at the top of your profile. The most time consuming part of putting up a great cover photo will be browsing through internet. So we have searched seven cool and awesome websites that offer free cover photos for your use, and you can easily upload to your profile and save your precious time.


1: Susology.com

Susology.com provides the most beautiful cover photos for your Facebook timeline. It’s free to download and you can download as many covers as you like.

2: Entheosweb.com

You can download a variety of Facebook timeline cover background designs from this blog. For instance, heart background, water theme background and much more are available for free! Simply right click on the image and save it from your computer and change your Facebook cover. All the images are in JPG format and 850X315 pixels in size.

3: myFBCovers.com

An excellent web blog with the number of covers provided for different categories and events, like food and drinks, celebrities and much more for you. Just click on the center green bar on your desired photo and set it on your Facebook profile.

4: CoverPhotoBook.com

Coverphotobook.com allows you to take as many cover pictures as you need for free. Just click on the ‘make fb Cover Photo’ button and the picture is set automatically on your Facebook profile.

5: Coverize.me

Coverize.me is another free provided timeline Facebook cover photo. Simple procedure to upload the picture and take as many cover pictures as you can.

6: CoverMyTimeline.com

You can select photos for your Facebook profile from covermytimeline.com, which freely provides the picture; you can visit the website and download as many pictures as you wish for free.

7: ProfileRehab.com

Log on to the profilerehab.com and take pictures for your Facebook profile for free and you can download many of them.

There are a number of websites or blogs available for Facebook timeline cover photo other than those discussed above. Share with us if you know any other side via using the comments area below


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