25 Top & Best Budget Phone Holders & Mobile Stand for Car 2017/18

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If you have a car and a mobile then it is compulsory for you to buy a “mobile stand for car”.


You can attend calls while driving or you can use it for navigation. It is the best tool that a car driver can have. We will show you some of the mobile stands, we hope you will from them.

  • Mobile Phone Stands for Car Dashboard



Best Budget Phone Holders & Mobile Stand for Car

1.TaoTronics Car Windshield smart phone mount Holder

It can rotate 360 degree easily. Its suction cup is very strong. It is easy to adjust and it has a button to release the phone. =>BUY NOW


2.Budget&Good Universal Smartphones Car Air Vent Mount Holder

It can hold both android phones and IPhone. It also has 360 degree rotation. It has 2 years money back guarantee. =>BUY NOW


3.SQdeal® Universal Car Windshield Mobile Phone Stand

It has a double clip so that your mobile remains more safe. It is hot temperature resistant. It has 67% discount. =>BUY NOW


4.BESTEK Push-Button Swivel Windshield Holder

Your phone sticks with it so properly that there is no danger for mobile to fall. You just have to push a button to release it. =>BUY NOW


5.Xcellent Global Universal Mobile Phone & Tablets Car Mount Holder

The holder is compatible with 3.5-5.5 inch mobile phones. It has a flexible neck which can rotate to 360 degree easily. =>BUY NOW


6.HAWEEL® 2 in 1 Car Mobile Phone Mount Holder

It not only holds a mobile but also a car rear view mirror. It is suitable for mobile phones which between 40mm-80mm. =>BUY NOW


7.AEDILYS® Car Magnetic Adsorption Charging and Adjustable Stand

Its not only a mobile stand but also a mobile charger. It is made of anti-slip silicon. It has 120 degree sight view. =>BUY NOWAEDILYS®

8.Goliton® Universal Car Mount Stand

It can hold devices which is up to 13 cm. It has a very strong grip and it won’t let your mobile phone fall. =>BUY NOW


9.Anpower Universal Car Holder Windshield Mount Stand

It has 360 degree sight view. It can hold devices which is upto 95mm. It’s suction cup is very strong. =>BUY NOW


10.Generic Car Mount Phone Holder Stand

It has been made on cigarette lighter and it also has two USB chargers. Its holding length is 115.5 mm to 167.6 mm. =>BUY NOW


11.Esonstyle Universal Magnetic Mobile Phone Car Mount Holder

You have fix it at CD player slot. It is magnetic and it has 360 degree sight view. It is made of 2 metal plates. =>BUY NOW


12.IPOW Cell Phone Car Mount Holder

It is made of silicon. It has highest quality thick gel pad. You can watch TV on your mobile phone while driving. =>BUY NOW


13.SILO Universal HANDSFREE Car Vent Phone Holder

You just have to place your phone on it and it will stick on it like a magnet. It has a very strong grip. =>BUY NOW


14.Smartphone Car Mount for Dashboard

This product has been manufactured by ISO. It is one of the best mobile phone holder for car in the market. =>BUY NOW


15.Costech® Universal Car Steering Wheel Mount Holder

You don’t have stick it with you windshield, it is easy to look when your phone is attached with your car steering. =>BUY NOW


16.PLAY X STORE Universal Adjustable Car Mount

It can hold phone less than 5.5 inch. It has 360 degree rotation view. It is easy to clean and install. =>BUY NOW


17.Universal Car Stand Cradle For Mobile Smart Cell Phones

It is available in just black color. You have to attach it with the rear view mirror and on the other stick your phone. =>BUY NOW


18.AEDILYS® Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Holder

Available in five different colors. It can hold device up to 60cm-90cm wide. It is easy to install without tools. =>BUY NOW


19.Virtuous Heart * Car Phone Holder

It is flexible and it can rotate 360 degree. It has very strong suction cup. Available in black and white color. =>BUY NOW


20.iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

The phone get lock with it in just one touch and get release with just one touch. It has super sticky gel pad. =>BUY NOW


21.Witkey Mobile Phone Car Mount, Holder

The material used for manufacturing it is rubber. Available in 5 different colors. => BUY NOW


22.Evtech(tm) Car Mount Clip Stand Holder

It is designed by beautiful crystal diamond rhinestones. It can rotate 360 degree. Available in 8 colors. =>BUY NOW


23.BUYINSOON Windshield Mount Holder Stand

Package includes a buyinsoon bracelet for free. It can hold devices upto 3.5-5.5 inches. =>BUY NOW


24.Virtuous * Flexible Enhanced Version Mobile Stand

It has flexible and stretchable arms. It has 360 degree sight view. It can hold devices up to 3.7 inches wide. =>BUY NOW


25.Magnetic Smartphone Car Holder

You can install it easily on windshield or dashboard. It is compatible with all smartphones devices. =>BUY NOW