You Love Playing Guitar ? 25 Cheap & Best Budget Guitars for Beginners 2017/18

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If you’re looking for guitar then you are at the right place because we are going show cool guitars available for sale, they are acoustic and electric. Today, we will show you some “best guitars 2016 ” and we hope you will buy at least one of them because they are best you can get.


1. DirectlyCheap(TM) Acoustic guitar

The size of this guitar is 41″. Available in black color and it has handcrafted steel string. It is right handed guitar.=>Buy now

DirectlyCheap(TM) Acoustic guitar
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2. Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack

The guitar metallic blue finish. It is for beginners who are learning how to play electric guitar. It is fully made of wood.=>Buy now

3. Disney Mickey Mouse Mini Guitar by First Act

The guitar has been made for kids. They can handle it easily because of its small size. It strings are made of nylon. You can tune it easily.=>Buy now

4.Epiphone Electric guitar

It is LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar. Its body is made of basswood. It has 700T Humbucker pickups.=>Buy now

5.Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

This guitar has been designed specially for beginners. It has a solid top. It looks great under the stage lights because of its high gloss natural finish.=>Buy now

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
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6. Red Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack

Davison guitars is the trust retailer’s top seller. This red electric guitar has everything that you need for starting. It is professional size guitar.=>Buy now

7. Rogue Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is made of rosewood and whitewood. It is a very attractive guitar which produce very beautiful music’s sounds.=>Buy now


8.Kids Pink Electric Guitar with Amp

The size of this guitar 30″. It has every accessory with it that required for professional learning. It is easy to handle for kids because of its size.=> Buy now


9. Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar

This guitar comes with its bag. It’s side and back are made of tonewood. It has 15 Frets. It has solid spruce top.=>Buy now

10. Peavey Rockmaster Bass Guitar

It has a gloss black color. Its body is made of basswood and its neck is made maple. =>Buy now

11. Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package

Package includes Clip-On E-Tuner, Extra Strings, Strap, Picks and Polishing Cloth. The size of the guitar is 41″.=>Buy now

12. Green Electric Guitar

It comes with amplifier case and other accessories. It’s size of 39″. It is the best guitar that starters can have.=>Buy now

13. Fender Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

It has a features of both electric and acoustic guitar. It is 2 in 1. It has a hard case. It is made of rosewood.=>Buy now

14.Professional Flame Type Irin Electric with Guitar Bag

It comes with Pick, Tremolo Bar, Link Cable Set Red. It has a very cool shape. It is made of solid wood. It is easy to play.=>Buy now

15. Gretsch Acoustic Guitar

It has Jim Dandy Flat Top. Its back is made of agathis, fretboard is made of rosewood and neck is made of nato.=>Buy now

16. Fender Electric guitar

It has a modern C shaped neck. Available in two different colors; Arctic white and Portland orange.=>Buy now

 17. Oscar Schmidt Acoustic-Electric Guitar

It is 12 strings acoustic-electric guitar. It has mahogany body. Available in pure black color.=>Buy now

18. B.C. Rich Warlock Electric Guitar

It has a very cool and stylish design. Available in black color. Its body is made of agathis.=>Buy now

19. GREEN Acoustic Guitar

This guitar has been manufactured by deadly cheap. Its size is 38″. It comes with Gig Bag, Extra Strings, Pick, Strap, Pitch Pipe Tuner and Pickguard.=>Buy now

20. Ibanez Electric Guitar

It is from Ibanez GRX series which is the most expensive series by them because of it’s high quality.=>Buy now

21. ADM® Acoustic Guitar

It is a 41″, 6 steel strings guitar. It comes with Gig Bag, Stand, Capo, Strap, Pitch Pipe, Strings and Picks.=>Buy now

22. Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Special Short Scale Bass

It is available in silver color. It has a very cool and stylish design. It has a master tone with 2 volume controls.=>Buy now

23. Johnson Acoustic Guitar

It is from the Johnson’s JG-620-W 620 Player Series . Available in white color.=>Buy now

24. ESP LTD EC-256

It has a 3 volume controls. It has a mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard.=>Buy now

25. Classical Acoustic Guitar

It has a very beautiful classical Spanish design. It is available in very cheap price. It bottom 3 strings are made of steel and top 3 are made of nylon.=>Buy now


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