12 Best Fitness Apps 2015/16 Apple/ Android


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Nobody desires a fat body with a bulging stomach. All that people work for is to remain in shape in order to look smart and healthy. For accomplishing the goal of a smart body, apart from a balanced diet, exercise plays an important role too. Without stretching and straining your muscles, there is no way you will be able to free yourself from fatigue and clumsiness, which is not a sign of a healthy body.


12 Best Fitness Apps 2015/16 Apple/ Android

People may consider the idea of going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Such kind of a thing may work for some but may pose time and money limitations for others. The problem, though troublesome, has got a great solution that not many people are aware of. The solution is right there in your pocket: your phone. Smartphones such as the iPhone have amazing fitness apps, which can help you stay fit while preventing your time and money from being wasted.

12 Best Fitness Apps 2015 Apple/ Android

1. FitStar Personal Trainer

Created by the famous Tony Gonzalez, the app is a mini version of your personal trainer. The phone app asks users certain questions regarding their health and fitness, right after their workout. The questions prove to be helpful in accessing the needs of the user on the basis of which the schedule for the next day is prepared. The app is best for all those who crave personalized fitness training, from beginners to experts.


2. Nike+ Training Club

The app is created by Nike trainers and contains different workout plans for people with different fitness goals. Be it the goal of a lean body or a strong one, there are enough plans to cater to different needs. Moreover, each plan comes with its own tutorial video, making it easy for users to follow the instructions provided.


3. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Complete programs that can help you get six pack abs in a time span of 10 to 30 days. The app comes with videos as well, which makes it easier to accomplish your goal.


4. Fitnet

As far as tutorial videos are concerned, there may be hundreds of people following the videos to get their body trimmed. However, most apps contain nothing that can measure the extent to which the users are being benefitted with these videos. With the Fitnet app, the phone camera works as an agent that measures the specifics of the user’s workout accomplishments, while feedback is provided to the user by the app.


5. Sworkit

Keeping in mind the little time that people have, the app has been created with workouts that last from 10 minutes to an hour. Users can choose the area they need to work on, for which there are video tutorials as well. The workouts are way too easy to be performed, consuming just a little time of the user.


6. PumpUp

Motivation proves to be a true inspiration at times. The PumpUp app is a collaboration of Instagram and Facebook, both of which serve as a medium for people working out to post pictures of their progress and track their improvement. These progress pictures are also meant to serve as motivation for others.


7. Fitmo

Ever imagined having a personal trainer for just $40? Well, it is possible now with the Fitmo app. The app, in particular, allows its users to connect to a fitness trainer who sets their workout schedules, suggests diet plans and keeps checking on the user with respect to their workout progress via call or video chat.


8. Spring

Music has always been a major motivator for workouts. The Spring app works on the same principle, allowing users to run to the beat of the music.


9. C25K

The plan proves to be the best for beginners, taking them from the very initial level to the most advanced level. Helping you get your body in the perfect shape, the app works on the basis of an eight-week plan. The initial phase of the workout includes just running and walking and progresses to advanced and intense workouts with each passing day. The motivator of the workout plan is an audio coach who, through his instructions, works on keeping the user determined and enthusiastic about achieving the goal.


10. Charity Miles

The app not only helps people stay in shape, but also helps gather money for charity. Its sponsors are the people from the corporate sector who provide 10 cents for each mile biked and 25 cents for each mile ran. Imagine what big of a change one could bring through such a little act.


11. Rise

Rise can be regarded as your personal dietician. The app helps you get in touch with an expert nutritionist, who designs your very own diet plan. The users are free to talk about their diet goals with the nutritionist and send photos of the things they have eaten throughout the day. The pictures then help the dietician to offer suggestions regarding the diet plan to the users.


12. MyFitnessPal

The app is helpful in counting the calories you take in each day. MyFitnessPal’s extensive database contains various kinds of meals that people are likely to eat. Users can search their meal, which will give them their calorie count without any hassle. In case the meal does not exist in the database of the app, users can insert the ingredients used together with the recipe of the meal to find out about its nutritional information. For regular users, the app is smart enough to save their favorite foods that can be easily recorded each day via tapping a button rather than going through a whole new search process.



These apps are loved by the fitness freaks and hence, are popular around the world due to the numerous benefits they provide to their users. They are the perfect companion for the health-conscious.

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