10 Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers

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YouTube was created in February 2005; it is a video sharing website, on which users can upload, view and share videos. This is American based company, which displays a wide variety of user generated video content, including movie clips, music videos as well as amateur content such as original short videos.

Now you can find 10 easiest, simple and creative ways that you can engage with your audience and grow and develop your YouTube subscribers.


It is quite common that, spending equal time on creating content and developing their audience are ultimately success of the videos. Audience development is equally important as great content. By creating excellent content and spending no time on audience development, results no success.

Step#1: Titles

Videos titles are a major part of your videos and must be use an eye catching title, because users on YouTube will be browsing around and can be attract by your title. Choose words like Exclusive, Important, Amazing for your title and give comprehensive description and keywords of your video, otherwise the viewer don’t bother to click your video. Make a title professional by using caps at the start of a word.

Step#2: Quality of Video

The quality is very important to maintain the importance of your video. You can add &fmt=18 to the end of any video URL to make it better quality. Make sure that the quality of good, short and attractive because people can’t be bothered to watch it.

Step#3: Thumbnails

Youtube Video Thumbnails
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Youtube Video Thumbnails

Thumbnails are useful part of your video that attracts people because it shows a snapshot of you video. It is recommended that to choose up to three thumbnails through YouTube by going onto your video. The thumbnail image of your video is what a lot of users look at when searching for videos.

Step#4: Subscribers

The main reason why popular people have a lot of subscribers is, because there videos are informative, funny and with great quality. So the key to subscribe more is post regular and good quality videos with entertaining content.

Step#5:  Use Annotations

Annotations are the tiny colorful notes that user paste all over their videos. Annotations can make a difference for your YouTube marketing efforts. Call to action: Add a ‘speech bubble’ annotation directly under the subscribe button to all of your old and existing videos.


Step#6: Add a YouTube Widget

Adding YouTube subscription widget to the sidebar of your blog or website, you can make it easier for others to find your videos, and this is a great opportunity to get the web traffic.

Step#7: Host Live Google+ Hangout

Do a live stream hangout with your audience, invite them on your Google+ profile or live on YouTube where they can hang out. You can talk with them, play games with them or you can answer questions. People really like to engaging and connecting with the people on live basis.

Step#8: Engage Outside of YouTube

Engaging outside of YouTube on Facebook allows more personal connection with your community and you can interact on a playing field.

Step#9: Consistent Interact

YouTube is a community not just a place to host your videos; you will begin to see far more results when you interact with other members of your community. The best way to build following subscribers is, to support others, give comments, like and subscribe as frequently as possible, and wait for the reciprocation.


Step#10:  Create a Payoff

Lastly, the strategy for attracting new subscribers is to creating a payoff. First identify your current subscriber count, then identify your subscriber goal, thirdly pick something fun, unique or different. When you share your goal with the world, people will jump on board to support you, this way with your little effort and have a fun time doing it.


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