10 Cheap & Best Budget Pregnancy Gadgets 2017/18 for Expectant Mothers


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The news about the upcoming newest family member is always exhilarating. The soon-to-be moms are overwhelmed with emotions, half of whom might be because of the hormonal surge and the other half is because of shopping for the little newcomer. Well, being a mother is not an easy task.

Not just poetically or theoretically speaking, but when going through the entire process of pregnancy, it could make a woman grumpy, anxious, stressful or annoying. From the episodes of morning sickness and unwanted persistent nausea to the unstoppable cravings and overflowing emotions, growing a life inside you is not easy.


However, keeping the medical reasons aside, welcoming a new person into your life and planning for them can also be exasperating. It’s like you have to turn your entire world upside down. When choosing the right color for their room, buying the perfect clothing or getting gorgeous little toys, a mother becomes choosy. There are times when she needs to give herself a break from the hectic routine. As important the other plans are, a mother should equally concentrate on her and her baby’s health. She should go for daily checkups and keep herself updated with any knowledge that might help her during her pregnancy.

Even getting pregnant could be frustrating. For some, it might be a piece of cake, but there are cases where conceiving a child could take up all your energy. Keeping a constant check on your period cycle and being alert during the ovulating phase could be aggravating.

Here are the ten best pregnancy gadgets of 2017/18, which will help you solve most of your problems.

Best Budget Pregnancy Gadgets 2017

1. KickTrack

There is nothing more special than experiencing something for the first time, like your baby’s first kick inside your womb. There are many ways to monitor the baby’s movements without the help of a doctor. Some mothers choose to do it on their own, while others always prefer a proper tool like KickTrack. KickTrack is a handy gadget that will count, track and keep a record of your baby’s movement. It could also be used in the last months of pregnancy to learn about contractions when the labor begins.



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2. Angel Sounds

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you hear your baby’s heartbeats. This is that precious moment that you longed for after hearing that you are pregnant. This is the way you are assured that your baby is healthy and will be in your arms soon. An ultrasound is usually done by the doctor. However, there are some mothers who get anxious when they don’t feel any movement. Angel Sounds is just the device for them. They could hear their baby’s heartbeat anytime and anywhere they like.



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3. Lullabelly

Just like adults, infants in the womb are responsive to good music. Over a period, they will develop their taste and show their approval by giving you a calm and soothing day. Lullabelly is a soft band that wraps around your belly with a pocket for your music device. It has speakers and an earphone splitter so that you and your baby could enjoy the same music at the same time.



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4. Bio Bands

It is the perfect “gadget for pregnant women” who suffer from morning sickness and persistent nausea, which we all know could be very irritating. Bio Band makes sure that the mom-to-be remains healthy and happy. It cures nausea through acupressure, which is a Chinese therapy to relieve pain, nausea, and depression. Bio Band does not have any chemicals, which means that it is not harmful at all. It’s a band that is tied around the wrist and a small bead is pressed, which puts pressure on your wrist and the magic is done.


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5. Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat Leaf works as a fitness tracker for pregnant ladies. From the moment you know you are expecting, you become conscious of your health. You start taking care of your diet, the things you use and keep an uptight check on your schedule. Bellabeat Life monitors your health, serving as a tracker for you and your baby. It keeps tabs on your sleep cycle, distance traveled, and stress levels. Plus, it looks like a gorgeous bracelet, which is definitely a point to consider as appearance is always important.


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6. Kickbee

In the world where every news is on social networking sites before it could even reach an actual person, Kickbee should not sound unusual to you. It is a belly band that tweets every time your baby kicks. It is a very precious moment for a mother to feel her baby’s first kick, but it is as important for the father or grandparents. Kickbee makes sure everyone is getting the big news.


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7. Belly Buds

Belly Buds, a device similar to Lullabelly, is made for infants who are already in their mother’s womb. The speakers will stick to your belly and the music will do its magic. You can even record your voice and let your baby get familiar with it. It also has an earphone splitter so you can listen to the same music as your baby and enjoy a little time with them.



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8. Baby Plus Prenatal Education System

It might sound a bit exaggerating, but studies have shown that children often implicate those behaviors that they might have learned or heard in their mother’s womb. Baby Plus has found to be productive and responsive in soothing a baby.


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9. QuardiaBase

It might sound a bit exaggerating, but studies have shown that children often implicate those behaviors that they might have learned or heard in their mother’s womb. Baby Plus has found to be productive and responsive in soothing a baby.

10. Elle Tens Machine

Many expectant mothers are often worried about the labor pain as sometimes it gets very hard to endure contractions. Elle Tens Machine is one of the ways that help reduce labor pain. It is frequently used in U.K, and many positive studies have indicated positive results.

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