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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date and Details

Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest in the series which is bound to make it in the market in early 2015. With the release of S5 a stage was set for S6. The release ...

6 Creative USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are a must have now a days. They are not only portable but also have high storage capacities. Which make them ideal and perfect for day to day use ...

6 Stealthiest and best Spy Gadgets

Every spy has a myriad of the stealthiest and “best spy gadgets” to help them listen in on conversations and shoot videos stealthily. If you want to ...

6 Unique Cool Kitchen Gadgets

If you think your modern kitchen has everything it needs,think again. We have found some of the strangest,most unique and “cool kitchen gadgets” ever ...

5 Gadgets for Lazy People

Who doesn’t like a life made easier by the use of machines and devices which were once only dreamed of. Need to go somewhere no need to walk the miles, just ...

6 Awesome Clever Gadgets for the Home

Who does not want up to date gadgets which make every day work easier to manage and do. So many gadgets are now available which not only add to ease of access ...

5 Cool Tattoo Gadgets you Need to Know

Tattooing also referred to as “branding” is an ancient art. Which was practiced in various cultures by means then unrefined. Since then it has been refined ...

4 Best and Latest Lenovo Tablets

Lenovo is a name of it’s own when it comes to Chinese multinationals who have made it into the business big time. This company has a knack for coming up with ...

4 Best Selfie Phone Extender

Are you fed up of embarrassed and ugly looking selfies? Do your friends make a fun of your selfies? Do you think that your face is not photogenic? Now you do not ...

Google Tablets with Price List

Tablets made it into the market sometime back and have since been in demand. It’s an arduous task to pick the tablet you want which is also in your budget. Going ...
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